Disadvantages of Vinyl Car Wraps

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The paintwork is one of the most crucial elements when it comes to customizing your car. A vehicle that’s well-built can be useless if it has a poor paint job. But, getting an excellent paint job can be pretty costly. A more cost-effective choice is a vinyl wrap. 

The process developed to protect the paint of your vehicle and offer a huge variety of tailored selection is called vinyl wrapping. Perhaps you have seen a car with some kind of a vinyl wrap, even if you did not know it. A lot of new vehicles are provided with a couple of clear protective films installed on the leading edge of the hood and front bumper.  

However, with vinyl car wrap, the whole car is covered. Shops wrap the entire vehicle rather than simply wrapping the car’s front. Nowadays, companies have created a huge variety of colored vinyl. They are also provided with a huge number of finishes. When it comes to your car’s exterior, a vinyl wrap will provide you with almost limitless styles and colors.   

Of course, just like any other material in the world, vinyl car wraps also have some disadvantages. Fortunately, the cons of Vehicle Wrap San Antonio are minimal. 

Not as Good as Paint 

It can be debated that the character and depth provided by a professional paint job are greater to vinyl wrap. But, a vinyl wrap will easily complement the appearance of a paint job at a fraction of the price. This is particularly true if it is done with premium vinyl and properly installed.  

Requires Professional Installation 

It will take an experienced professional to properly apply a quality vinyl wrap, just like it needs an expert to provide a vehicle a high-quality paint job. If an inexperienced installer applies the wrap, he/she can end up causing damage to your car. Vinyl needs to be cut as it is applied. An expert will do this without compromising the original paint. On the other hand, an inexperienced installer can leave scratches and marks in the car’s finish.  

You can also determine the quality of the wrap by looking around the edges. An inexperienced installer will leave sloppy and rough edges along the curves and panels. It may look excellent from a couple of feet away. However, a poor installation can damage an otherwise well-made vehicle, just like a poor paint job. You’ve got to ensure the installer is certified and trained to apply the vinyl wrap

Requires High-Quality Products 

Keep in mind that not every vinyl is the same. Thus, you will really get what you pay for. 3M and Avery provide premium vinyl that won’t damage the paint while offering durability and an excellent look. On the other hand, some brands may feel and look the same. However, they can prove to discolor or fade over time and can be less durable. Furthermore, when removed, a poor-quality vinyl can cause damage to the car’s finish. Thus, you’ve got to ensure that the vinyl you’re going to pick is premium. 

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