2014 Conference Speaker – Dr. Phil Vincent – Saturday Morning


Saturday Morning Keynote Talk

Relationships + Rules + Routines = Results

Academic Excellence Is About More Than Curriculum

Since A Nation at Risk was published in 1983, and the subsequent reform efforts that followed, schools and the nation have had a single-minded focus on curriculum as the primary tool to insure our children were well prepared for the future.  It was thought that if the teacher would only teach harder and with better pedagogy, all of our students would achieve above average!  What we have struggled to do is address what solid research over the last fifty years has shown is predictive of student and teacher flourishing.  The truth is that the curriculum is only one dimension that predicts successful educational outcomes.  Dr. Phil Vincent, a nationally known speaker and author, will talk about other dimensions (including an important focus on character education) with humor and insights that will assist any school teacher, administrator or board member desiring to change their culture and climate to insure their students and staff flourish. Dr. Vincent received his BA and MA at Appalachian State University and his doctorate from North Carolina State.  He has been a teacher, site and central office administrator in North Carolina and Alaska.  Since 1995 Phil has been the director of the Character Development Group, a consulting, training and publishing company.  Over these years he has traveled extensively throughout the United States and Canada working with schools, school districts, state/province department of education and parents.  He has also directed and researched multiple federal and state grants through his work with Multi-Dimensional Education. He is the author, co-author or editor of 29 books published in the United States, Australia and South Korea.  His most recent book, Relationships+ Rules + Routines =- Results was published in 2013 and has received a great deal of support throughout the nation. Dr. Vincent lives in Boone with his wife Cynthia, a retired teacher.  They have one daughter and are waiting for their first grandchild.

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