Former Legislative Leader Champions Charters

Raleigh – The North Carolina Alliance for Public Charter Schools announced that former State Senator Debbie Clary is its registered lobbyist representing the interests of charter schools to her former colleagues.  Clary joined the Board of Directors earlier in the year and is now the organization’s official representative to the General Assembly.

Debbie Clary, Alliance Director

“Senator Debbie Clary has truly been the only single individual working in both the House and the Senate for charter school education for over eighteen years as a member of the state legislature,” said Dr. Robert Landry, Chairman of the Alliance. “First she was a co-sponsor in the House of the original charter legislation in 1995, next she was a co-sponsor in the Senate to lift the cap in 2011, and now she continues her advocacy for charter schools as our unified voice to the General Assembly,” Landry added.

During her service as a State House member and a State Senator, she has represented the needs of Thomas Jefferson Classical Academy in Rutherford County, as well as charter schools across the state.  Today, Debbie is Chair of the Board for a new Charter School slated to open in August 2013, Pinnacle Classical Academy in Cleveland County.

“I am excited to join the team at the NC Alliance for Public Charter Schools.  My primary goal is to further our mission by being in the trenches with you operating a Charter School and working for you in Raleigh,” Clary said.

“Debbie Clary is a universally respected advocate for charter schools with a proven track record of effectiveness in the General Assembly,” said Baker Mitchell, trustee for two charter schools and member of the Alliance board.  “Her continued presence in the halls of the legislature on our behalf brings unprecedented credibility to our cause for educational excellence through school choice,” Mitchell said.

In addition to her eighteen years of public service in the NC Legislature, Debbie brings the Alliance members the benefit of fifteen years as a Broadcaster and seventeen years in the Marketing and Public Relations business.

The North Carolina Alliance for Public Charter Schools is a 501C(3) nonprofit, non-partisan organization with a mission of advancing quality educational opportunities for all North Carolina children by supporting and expanding successful public charter schools.

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