Dr. Landry Represents NC and Alliance with Governors in Denver

Denver-   Dr. Robert Landry, Chair of the NC Alliance Board, is also the North Carolina

Gov. Hickenlooper and Dr. Landry

Commissioner representing our state at the annual meeting of the National Education Commission of the States held in Denver this week.

The following topics were presented and discussed over the course of the conference:

  • Early Learning,
  • Steering Committee topics for the upcoming national at-large meeting in St. Louis in June,
  • State Civic Education Policies,
  •  State Roadmap for Improving Reading Proficiency and Teaching Practices,
  • College Remedial Reform,
  •  Constructive Turbulence: Enabling Teachers with Better Tools for Student Learning – Gov. Bob Wise (Alliance 4 Education)
  • Getting Students College Ready, and
  • Potential Potholes on the Teacher Evaluation Highway.

Discussion also focused on Common Core and the readings-how Great Books or the Classics are being welcomed and utilized across the USA.

Gov. Wise and Dr. Landry thumbs up for charters

Dr. Landry discussed charter schools with Gov. John Hicklenlooper and former Gov. Bob Wise. They were very encouraging about North Carolina’s progress and how the Alliance is helping push North Carolina to the forefront in charter schools.  Gov. Hicklenhooper invited Dr. Landry to visit one of the most successful public schools downtown Denver-a charter school.

A former Senator from Georgia and a current Senator from Iowa asked Dr. Landry many questions regarding the charter movement in North Carolina – specifically on governance.  They both strongly agreed with the Alliance position that advocates independent boards for charter schools to “establish and maintain schools that operate independently of existing schools” as stated in the NC statute.


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