To Teach is to Learn Twice Over

The wise sit quietly and listen… and learn from all those in the crowded room.

Greetings Charter Friends,

The third annual conference just ended and I am already thinking about the March 2013 conference.  By the date of the conference, my staff will have earned a well-deserved break. It’s important we give time for them to network with their peers from other charter schools and learn new innovative ideas that help them work smarter not harder.  We saw staff members from charter schools participate in the recent conference in Concord, and we learned that it was a great impact and valuable learning experience. “I was honored to be included!” stated my Administrative Assistant.

From that comment, I began to think how powerful it would be if there were sessions for administrative assistants who more than likely wear many hats, including handling human resource needs, and dealing with all types of personalities over the phone. In most cases, they are the first voice that represents our schools when calls come in.  My point is that the more feedback we receive from a variety of folks who attend the conference, the more we can begin planning sessions to accommodate their role(s) in the charter schools across the state.  With an increase in attendance comes an increase in the range of job responsibilities, thus the need to make the conference experience a meaningful and productive one for all participants.

2013 Charter Schools Conference – March 21-23

Location and more information coming soon…


As I believe that it is never too late to begin planning for future, I submit to you that each of us may want to begin planning for the 2013 conference. In just eight short months, we will be headed to the conference venue to share, network, and collaborate with the charter communities from North Carolina and other states.  What needs to happen to get ready to participate?

With the feedback from you the charter community, we will begin designing the conference based on your needs.  Planning the conference is the easy part, getting your participation should be even easier.  Next year’s conference begins with an opening reception Thursday evening, March 21 and many of us will have to seek approval from our Boards to amend school calendars to include Friday, March 22 as a teacher workday so that teachers and faculty members can attend.  Budgets may need to be adjusted to accommodate the increase in staff attendance.  Whatever the case, I sincerely hope that you will make the effort to support the upcoming NC Alliance for Public Charter Schools members’ conference.

The addition of the job fair generated a robust number of candidates in attendance in July thus there is a strong indication that a March job fair will bring out an overwhelming number of teachers and staff members seeking to connect with charter schools.  Charter leaders and supporters, let’s agree to stay in touch so that we can build a very strong, collaborative, and beneficial conference for 2013.

Sincere regards,


Gail Scott Taylor, NC Alliance VP

Executive Director, Carter Community School


P.S. I wish you much success in rolling out the Common Core and Essential Standards curriculum.  Let’s find a way to share best practices and success stories!



Howard Lee Institute to include NC Alliance Leaders

Dear NC Alliance Public Charter School Leaders,

Enclosed you will find an attachment from both Senator Howard N. Lee and myself regarding the Howard N. Lee Institute’s conference: NC Education Summitt on School and Community Engagement, September 24-26, 2012. This conference focuses on issues facing our schools and communities and it brings together educators, parents, faith-based communities, businesses, community members, government agencies and policy-makers together. Senator Lee has included Charter Schools in his conference for he believes in Quality Education for All Children. One caveat which this conference has which many do not is the following: Each of you in attendance will leave with a “Blue print for creating an action plan.” Board members speaking about the impact of charter schools in education will be Baker Mitchell and myself. I hope to see you at the conference.

Dr. Robert Landry, Chair of the NC Public Charter School Alliance.
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