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Charter Day School is a tuition-free, open enrollment K-8 public school in southeastern North Carolina. Since 2000, Charter Day School has focused on quality education and is a premier performance-driven year round school. Widely recognized as a compelling choice to conventional public education, the school has built a reputation for retaining dedicated and highly qualified teachers that give students a strong and proven academic foundation. Charter Day School has received numerous awards, including the designation of being a Top-25 School for Academic Growth and of Excellence in the state of North Carolina.

Unique Extra-curricular Programs

While academics always come first, the school also offers some unique extra-curricular programs that fit hand-in-hand with the student’s school work. Like most charter schools, funds are limited and funding activities for children strain the budget. But through the school’s booster club fundraising efforts and sponsorships from local businesses, Charter Day School has developed some unique programs that are getting a lot of attention:

Cheerleading Competition Teams – These are no ordinary cheerleaders, these are serious athletes that are dedicated, hard working, and follow the leadership of their volunteer coaches. Through Coastal Pop Warner and sponsored by The Roger Bacon Academy the school fields 5 cheer squads that are available for students in Kindergarten through eighth grade.  No tryouts are held, if a student is willing to work hard, and commit to the team, they will become a Viking cheerleader. And success has followed – among the numerous awards throughout the years, one of this year’s squads took home the highest honor – National Champions. After winning the Pop Warner National Championship as well as the “Spirit of Sport Award” for sportsmanship,  the team was invited by Rep. Susi Hamilton and Sen. Bill Rabon to be honored at the state capitol by both the House and Senate. To learn more about their experiences, view photos and videos click HERE.

Archery Competition Teams -  Archery is not the first sport that comes to mind when you think of middle school sports teams. But at Charter Day School they are changing that notion. The team, available for both boys and girls, started three years ago in a modified outdoor archery range on campus. The coach and administration had only a few requirements for the archery elective: grades must be maintained to stay on the team, listening and respecting to your coaches must be adhered to for learning and safety, and consistent regular practice must be maintained to develop accuracy. Working with the growing National Archery in Schools Program® (NASP) the team shot out of the gate with some impressive wins at competitions. But stand out Hunter Johnson, a seventh grader at The Roger Bacon Academy’s Charter Day School, earned “World Champion” status in the Middle Division by ranking 4th out of all middle school competitors. Currently the team is ranked seventh in the world  and is heading back to the World Championships in the fall of 2012. To learn more about their latest competitions, view photos and media coverage click HERE.

Charter Day School also supports football teams through PopWarner, a middle school basketball team, competition singing and chorus, HAM Radio club, Cub Scouts troops, as well as other extra-curricular activities to keep students engaged. All done without a campus gymnasium or concert hall and organized almost entirely by volunteers. If you would like to learn more about how Charter Day School implemented these programs, please email us at:

Charter Day School is managed by The Roger Bacon Academy.

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Above and Beyond Charter Schools
A few of our charter school members have gone above and beyond with additional giving, donating resources, or providing services. Schools at this level represent the highest ideals and commitment of service for charter schools in North Carolina.

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The Alliance depends on membership dues to function and exist. The charter community must join together in one experienced voice to ensure that a favorable regulatory environment is created and maintained.  While adhering to the highest standards of accountability with common-sense regulations, existing schools can continue to excel; and new schools will have the Alliance’s experience to call upon for the support they need to be successful in the critical early years. The all-volunteer Board of Directors of the Alliance combines over 100 years experience in all aspects of charter school operations. All dues go directly to supporting the Alliance’s objectives – not its directors or officers.

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